Winter Programme 2019/20

Winter programme 2019/20

The following is a list of proposed works that we plan to carry out during this winter period.

As you will be aware, we have now completed our greens maintenance for this year, this was a different approach this year and all greens have now recovered from these works. By using this approach it looks like it has certainly helped the greens stand up to our recent heavy rainfall. We intend to carry out this same operation in the spring (before first medal) as this will help prepare the greens for the season ahead.

The main benefit of NOT carrying out our usual sand injection work is that the surfaces recover so much quicker and it doesn’t seem to affect ball roll qualities as much. Other benefits of doing this work twice a season as opposed to our usual one operation in September is that we can control the accumulation of thatch/organic matter more easily. Continued soil samples will be taken to monitor conditions and this will ultimately decide our approach going forward.

Greens drainage-

1. Install pipe drainage system to 15th green - approx 180 linear metres. The ash tree will be looked at by the tree contractor next week.
2. Fix wet area at rear of 17th green
3. Fix wet area on back of 5th green

Bunker drainage-

1. LHS fairway bunker at 1st, next to winter green area.
2. 7th green side
3. RHS 8th green
4. LHS 11th green
5. LHS 13th green
6. LHS 18th green
7. Plans to reshape front of 18th fairway bunker to prevent water from entering down the fairway.

The above bunkers have been identified as being the worst with regards to retaining water, there are obviously other bunkers of concern but this has to be a phased approach given our budget. We will also be continuing with last years work of removing grass faces on certain bunkers, we will attempt to do as many of these as possible.

Bunker liner trial -

Bunkers continue to be a source of complaint and most complaints come from stone contamination and consistency; to deal with this issue we need to install proper bunker lining material. We plan to try this on the following bunkers and see how they perform, this is an expensive operation but something we feel that needs to be done. This work will also involve drainage where required and new sand installed. The liner we will be using is a product called ‘POLYLAST’ liner. This is a permeable rubber liner that is very robust and a few local courses have used this with good results. Videos of this product are available to view on you tube for anyone wishing to find out more about this process. After much research into different sand types we have decided on the same sand that is currently being used at Loch Lomond, Gleneagles and Adare Manor, this is a blended sand specially designed for bunkers. Local clubs such as Cathcart castle and Drumpellier are also using this sand and all receive good feedback. Once our 5 proposed bunkers are complete we will be asking for feedback from our members.

1. Both green side bunkers at 8th
2. LHS green side bunker at 12th

Additional drainage-

1. Investigate wet area in plantation at LHS of 1st hole.
2. Wet are at RHS of 7th tee
3. Add additional drainage to bottom section of 17th fairway.

Tree maintenance-

Usual maintenance will be carried out within plantation. This will involve usual pruning of low lying branches and removal of any dead trees. In addition to this, we will also be removing the overhanging branches at the corpse of pine trees to the RHS of the 7th green. As you will be aware this does impact visibility when playing from the back medal tee at the 8th.

Routine course maintenance-

In addition to the previously mentioned works, we will also be doing the following tasks-

1. Edging of all bunkers
2. Verti draining fairways and walk off areas.
3. Coring tees and aprons
4. Scarifying fairways and semi rough.

Final note -

From the 1st of November the following conditions will come into force-

1. Fairways will come out of play.
2. Huxley mats in play.
3. Ropes will be installed at the front of all greens to divert trolleys as per last year.
4. Rubber ground mats installed at the usual walk off areas.

As always, this work is subject to weather and ground conditions. Can we also recommend the use of winter wheels for trolleys as this causes less damage.

Scott Mckittrick
Course Manager

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